Art Gallery

Leslie Kate

Recognized by the young creatives award in 2005 INBA.
Her work has been sold in several countries, such as South Africa, Canada, United States and Mexico.

In her themes you will always find an endless exercise of personal exploration, concepts such as loss, abandonment, catarsis and fear, accompanied by a highlight of faith and change.

Leslie Kate captures the experiences for the admirer to share with her moments where we see everything .

Trying to keep the unique that is me, ourselves and our belongings that many of the times are not worldly, but memories… Unfolding dreams, or social status.

Accepting that change is inevitable and that we are not alone on this journey.

These are the disciplines of her work: sculpture, engraving, drawing and abstract art.

This gallery is a permanent exhibition of her original work.

Flying Fish Machine

Acrylic plate engraving
YEAR: 2020
Limited edition

Dock for the day

Now that we’re down here…

Sometimes once you’ve taken the dive down the rabbit hole you realize it’s way weirder than you anticipated.

What if you followed that white rabbit a little too deep? Things that are and aren’t. Now we’re stuck here, all twisted around. Maybe it’s time to turn around and try to come back up for air …

It’s up to us to decide where and when we put roots down. I’ve uprooted  my life many times, to start again somewhere in the sun. I’ts easy to feel  stuck in the soil when things turn bad. Maybe we’ve just taken all we could from that enviroment, and it’s time to move on. One of our many talents as humans is being able to choose my own fate. If you’re feeling stuck, just remember you have the strength to pull yourself out of the ground

How do you choose?

…. everything I was, I carry with me ..

everything I will be , lies waiting on the road ahead.

Chinese ink and watercolor on cotton paper.
YEAR: 2020

Lithography. From the series “Searching my way”

Graphite on paper.
YEAR: 2021

Etching on copper plate “Community”

Etching is a mode of engraving that is carried out on the basis of a metal alloy plate or sheet, usually iron, zinc or, more frequently, copper. This is covered with a thin layer of protective varnish, or acid resistant wax. The engraver draws with a very sharp conical point stylus on this layer of varnish, reaching right down to the copper without penetrating it. Subsequently, the sheet with its varnish is immersed in a solution of water and nitric acid, which is called etching itself. This solution corrodes the copper in the areas where it is not protected by the varnish and leaves some grooves. The immersion time of the sheet in the acid determines the depth of the line in the engraving, giving it a longer time a greater value.

The varnish is removed, and the plate is ready for the stamping process. The result will be an image transferred in an inverted way on the engraving paper.

Faith Hills. Original drawing

Chinese Ink

Searching my way

Problems are labyrinths without walls.

The structures depicted in these works are the means taken to escape them.

At some point I realized I was lost in my own labyrinth. The life I’d designed for myself was suffocating me.

I was consumed by baggage and had no control over my ability to create it.

In a time of personal crisis, I saw the path of my escape. It took destruction to discover freedom.

Finding My Way is about being released from the problems I’d created for myself by shunning expectations and desires.

I began an upward path of discovery.

The forces at work to shape our perspectives are opposed to each other.

Physical efforts lead me deeper into the labyrinth, while wisdom showed me I could not escape a maze of my own design, I could only trick myself in to staying lost inside it thinking I was getting closer to the exit.   I’ve climbed ladders out of the wreck over and over.

The efforts I made for personal growth brought constructive change, but it was once I was floating high above the labyrinth I could see the great space around it and was comforted by my atom-like significance in the universe.

Conventional wisdom says baggage is something to get rid of.

When you’re free of it you’re happy and productive. I have found everywhere I go my baggage comes with me. And I want it with me. I like the things I carry. Within the baggage is my history, the pain and wisdom, humor and sadness, struggle and triumph. My darkness is as valuable as the light which guides my way.

If I let my will go completely my creativity would disappear with the wind, but if I let my will be shaped by other perspectives, then I’m open to becoming wiser from an experience.

Purity is beyond me, ever out of my reach. It’s in striving for it that I got free.

I kept looking for something constructive to come out of the negativity in my life until I realized that my work comes from my experiences.

My life is not something I created, but the rescue received from it.

Graphite on paper.
YEAR: 2021

Laberintos 1 & 2

I have no answer…

It feels like the more you try to fix a thing, the more complicatedit gets. Like a knot that tightens itself every time  you try to untangle it. This is especially true for matters of the self. Trying to find value in yourself. Trying to find meaning, or purpose. Trying to grow. When did it start? Where did it start? How can I explain these facets of myself? We are always wrapping in and around ourselves, a constantly changing form. Mirrors of the experiences we’ve had, of what we will be . I’m learning to accept the chaos. That you can’t ever restrain it. Perhaps our best quality is acceptance. Give yourself the emotional space to get tangled in. You might never have an answer, but you’ll learn so much in these endless questions.

YEAR: 2021

Searching my way

11.5x 13.7 cm
Chinese Ink on Paper
YEAR: 2018

Searching My Way

11.5x 13.7 cm
Chinese Ink on Paper
YEAR: 2018

Buen Viaje

Copper Plate Engraving
Limited Edition
YEAR: 2008

Less and Dee journey

11.5x 13.7 cm
Ink on paper
YEAR: 2018

Reflexion del pasado

11.5x 13.7 cm
Tinta china sobre papel
YEAR: 2018


11.5x 13.7 cm
Tinta china sobre papel
YEAR: 2018


80 X 70 CM
Ink on paper