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Mexico’s Redwings Plans eVTOL Air-taxi Services

Business aviation service group Redwings has announced plans to launch eVTOL air-taxi services, starting in Mexico City. The company signed a non-binding letter of intent to buy up to 20 of the four-passenger Journey vehicles being developed by Jaunt Air Mobility, starting with 10 units and with options for 10 more.

The aircraft, which feature both a fixed wing and a rotor, uses the company’s patented slow-rotor compound technology, which reduces drag and vibration by lowering the speed of the main rotor to about 10 rpm during cruise flight. Jaunt aims to complete type certification under Transport Canada Part 529 requirements in 2027 and expects the aircraft to have a maximum speed of 175 mph on flights of up to around 100 miles.

“The elevation of Mexico City is 7,349 feet, higher than Denver, Colorado, and presents challenges for many VTOL aircraft operating at this altitude,” said Redwing president Bernardo Moreno. “The Journey’s highly efficient vertical flight capability enables this aircraft to operate at altitude with no performance limitations.”

Redwings operates a fleet of managed aircraft including Embraer Legacy 600 and Hawker 800XPi jets and a Bell 505 helicopter. It runs an FBO at Queretaro Intercontinental Airport, around 130 miles northwest of Mexico City, and provides business aircraft MRO services.

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