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Queretaro receives a new club of private planes

Redwings, the private aircraft service company, expands its facilities by now opening service in Querétaro.

Yesterday the hangars of the Intercontinental Airport of Querétaro were attended by the private jets and helicopters of this company that offers, rather than an air taxi service, a boutique aviation service.

What makes Redwings’ experience unique is that unlike other privately owned airlines, they are part of a global network that makes it easier to use them both in times and in costs. The price per hour only adheres to the flight hours, so the user does not have to worry about the return of the plane, where it will stay the same, nor the extra costs that would occur.

“We want to make your trips easier for our customers. As if they were on a commercial flight where they only have to deal with the time of departure and time of arrival, we take care of the rest. But, of course, with the convenience of traveling in private, “said CEO Bernardo Moreno, during the launch in Querétaro.

Redwings will now have service at the Mexico City Airport in Toluca and in Querétaro. The offices are also moving to this state as part of the 2020 growth plan in which not only more aircraft are expected, but also new bases within the Republic, a pilot school and an aircraft maintenance center.

“The idea, and the reason why Redwings has been able to position itself quickly, is to meet the needs of transportation to the interior of the country. In one day, with a commercial flight, it would be impossible to go to different cities in the interior of the Republic, since most flights leave the DF and not all airports are 24 hours. With this option you can travel to different places on the same day without the need to make stops in Mexico City, “says the CEO who opened operations in Mexico in 2007.

Another of the facilities that these “air taxis” have is their Red Jets Club program, which consists of entering a private frequent flyer club to always ensure a flight in 24 hours or less anywhere in the world. In order to enter this club, a package is pre-paid per number of hours.

Safety is something that is essential to ensure when it comes to aviation, so all its pilots are certified to the highest international standards, thus guaranteeing the maximum quality of their travel.

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